Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 and Beyond!

 Hey everybody! Happy New Year! So 2012 was a pretty good year; made some art, made some new friends, and got some amazing experience in the industry. In fact I can officially go to Comic Con as an "Industry Professional" so its free! haha

Well as good as 2012 was, I have even bigger plans for 2013! Lets go!

So this is a Christmas present for my brother still in progress. Yes, its a Barbarian girl fighting a huge snake...That's exactly what he asked for; those exact words. Oh and he wants it screened on a purple shirt...
This was piece I did for White Matter's VHS Nightmares show. Basically a tribute to B-movies and 80's horror. So ya know, awesome shit. I choose a movie called Primal Rage. Its about a Rage virus that breaks out via baboon at a Florida University and infects a sorority girl, the school reporter, and three raping bros. I was thoroughly entertained.

DRIVE! Ok so these are a few color variations of my previous drawing I did. You can check that out in the previous posts.
Hey, you want a toothpick?

Alrighty guys,believe it or not I am constantly drawing and working on stuff. Speaking of which, remember that secret project I was talking about? Yeah, its still going down and picking up some steam. More details later. Thank you for checking out my blog and I wish everyone an amazing 2013!

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