Sunday, September 8, 2013

Why So Serious?

Hey everybody!

So DC is doing something pretty insane. They're actually having a talent contest! So basically we submit one drawn page for the new Harley Quinn series. I'm just gonna go for it! We'll see what happens.

I gotta brush up on my Harley Quinn....

Shout out to Arleen Sorkin, THE voice of Harley Quinn.


Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 and Beyond!

 Hey everybody! Happy New Year! So 2012 was a pretty good year; made some art, made some new friends, and got some amazing experience in the industry. In fact I can officially go to Comic Con as an "Industry Professional" so its free! haha

Well as good as 2012 was, I have even bigger plans for 2013! Lets go!

So this is a Christmas present for my brother still in progress. Yes, its a Barbarian girl fighting a huge snake...That's exactly what he asked for; those exact words. Oh and he wants it screened on a purple shirt...
This was piece I did for White Matter's VHS Nightmares show. Basically a tribute to B-movies and 80's horror. So ya know, awesome shit. I choose a movie called Primal Rage. Its about a Rage virus that breaks out via baboon at a Florida University and infects a sorority girl, the school reporter, and three raping bros. I was thoroughly entertained.

DRIVE! Ok so these are a few color variations of my previous drawing I did. You can check that out in the previous posts.
Hey, you want a toothpick?

Alrighty guys,believe it or not I am constantly drawing and working on stuff. Speaking of which, remember that secret project I was talking about? Yeah, its still going down and picking up some steam. More details later. Thank you for checking out my blog and I wish everyone an amazing 2013!