Friday, March 2, 2012

(500) Days of Spider and Hellbound Heroes

 Hey Everybody! So it's my first post of the year. Whooo! A lot of things have been brewing and hopefully we'll see where that takes me. But first I'd like to say a big thank you to the good folks at Furious Theatre Company. I just wrapped my first job for them, creating backgrounds and an original graphic novel all based on the stage play NOgoodDEED by Matt Pelfrey. If any of you guys ever read this, I just want to say thank you so much for everything. I am truly humbled and forever indebted to you for taking a chance on me.

Well here are just a few things I've been tinkering with.

This is just for fun. It's my little take on the up and coming Amazing Spiderman movie directed by Marc Webb (HA! Webb...thats too perfect.) also the director of the much swooned over 500 Days of Summer. I think this movies going to be well...amazing. Love the cast, I tried to get as many of them in there as possible (and a few fan favorites :P).
Boy meets Spider. Boy falls into incredible responsibility.  Boy's Uncle gets shot.
I usually don't post things until I'm finished but HEY thats what a blogs for right? Definitely going to finish this one.

So this is a portion of the graphic novel I did for Furious Theatre Company. It's called Hellbound Heroes and its basically about people who were thrown into the spotlight because of a good deed they committed and then buckle under the pressure, eventually becoming super heroes who try to undo good deeds. Still with me? Trust me, it's hilarious.
One soldier is overwhelmed by the pressure of a hero...

I did all the lay-outs, pencils, inks, and colors for this project.
It was 22 pages long and a lot of work, but extremely rewarding.

After her baptism of sorts, Amy Sparks is transformed into Silver Star.

Long story short, they eventually run into this guy.
 I've also been retouching some old projects. I did this a couple years ago in a perspective drawing class. Its a psychedelic/ post-apocalyptic concert venue.


                        No blog entry would be the same with out some nod to Superman.
Red Undies for life!

Aww yes! This is something I'm pretty excited about. It's still a secret, but more info about it will come soon. Definitely in the next 2 weeks. Stylistically its a little different then what I normally do, but its a lot of fun to draw. This is just a little teaser to whet your appetites. hehe...

What could this possibly be?! 
Okay so this was kind of a wordy blog entry. Thanks for sticking around and checking this out. I got a busy month ahead of me; going to Wonder-Con in 2 weeks and hopefully to Comic-Con in July to get my portfolio reviewed! See you next time!


  1. Wow, these all look great Ben!

    I hope you have some copies (of your first pro comic)!

    Chimps... can it beeee?!?!?

    1. Thanks Josh! Oh I saved a copy just for you!

      haha You know how I feel about the great apes and all their environs...